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$Jizzus Christ

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About Jizzus
The Son

About Jizzus Christ

Jizzus is a Community Take Over token (CTO), prioritizing a decentralized approach based on fun and trust without reliance on any sole leader. Our strategy involves recognizing and empowering various individuals as leaders, fostering a self-sustaining project through the active engagement of community members in moderation.

The launch of Jizzus on March 28, 2024, aligned with Good Friday, sets the foundation for our vision. We aim to progress this initiative cyclically, building momentum from Christmas to Easter and back again, perpetuating growth and community involvement - the utility is the power of community.


How $Jizzus distributes to the people.

JIZZUS CHRIST is risen so that bag-fumbles may be forgiven. Join his Holy Community Takeover and watch your divine bags pump as he bestows God Candles to all. JIZZUS is the way, the truth, and, the life of your portfolio.

Contract Address: 7vQdgLtR2Qo6MBotkKVmCKfw83fGZkFQLR3Cj6X3ZRF7

Total Supply

The total supply of $Jizzus is 999,930,516,471.03

Mint revoked

Minting new token has been revoked after Jizzus created the supply from 7 loaves of bread and several fishes.

Jizzus Tokenomics

LP Burnt

The LP has been burnt and will stay burning for all eternity.

0% tax

Jizzus turns water into wine. He doesn't need tax.

How to buy $JIZZUS

How to Buy

How to buy $Jizzus

Step 1

Phantom wallet

Get phantom wallet at phantom.app/download

Buy Solana

Step 2

Buy Solana

Purchase Solana ($SOL) on a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your Phantom wallet.

Connect Wallet

Step 3

Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet to a decentralized exchange like Jupiter or Raydium.

You can also go to Dextools, DexScreener, Birdeye, Geckoterminal or use Photon or Shuriken.


Step 4


Select $JIZZUS Token (Jizzus Christ) as the desired token and enter the amount you wish to purchase.

Always make sure you are using the correct Contract Address: 7vQdgLtR2Qo6MBotkKVmCKfw83fGZkFQLR3Cj6X3ZRF7

Finish transaction

Step 5


Double-check the transaction details, confirm the swap and you’re all set!

Buy on Jupiter

Alternatively, after creating your wallet, you can also swap your $SOL for $Jizzus on our website. We charge a small tax / fee of 2.5% for swaps to fund our marketing wallet for any future development, marketing and/or collaborations.


Jizzus invites u to the commoonity

Jizzus Boden

Join the Telegram channel and let Jizzus save your SOLS.

Join Telegram

Elevate Your Life with Jizzus Christ

Our mission from the beginning has revolved around bringing laughter and compassion for those around us. We seek to elevate the SPIRITS of everyone. Time has come to banish the daemons of dullness and existential struggles. Your new glorious path and reinvigored purpose awaits in within the confines of our Heavenly Halls! Join our community and witness the Blessed Vibes by yourself!

Jizzus slaying beras Jizzus drinking coffee Pepe Jizzus Jizzus in politics Jizzus on a Yacht
Jizzus surfing the waves Jizzus on the Titanic Spongebob praising Jizzus Jizzus holding Boden Altar Jizzus